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About eSHARKnet

Too much non-relevant data and false information has crept into the Internet as Human bait and trap scams such as “Squid-Worms”or “Lobster-Virus” bots. Other natural garbage also effects user ability to surf without distractions. Misleading waves of data causes computer wipe-outs and crashes. The eSHARKnet filters are developed to sift through all the unnecessary waves of data and give you a clear path to positive and source-verified  “stacked” results...visually. You can dive deeper and hit the web for targeted, true results.  - Spartan Metallurgical Company (SMC) Key Mission Ops Team


A collaborative environment of computer experts assemble through a shared joint team multi-user cloud based system at the “four corners” of the planet. After a “Beta” system is verified by Software Systems Safety Reverse Regression Testing at SMC, a final version is downloaded from the iGoogle cloud and stored on a secure supercomputer servers in host countries around the world, controlled by the version. By controlling and trashing garbage data, the system uses less power and has a faster results response time.

LATEST RELEASE:   eSHARKnet v.Q2’ (re-release date: Nov 15, 2019)

Holly L (T1)

Max B.    (T1)

Lukas R (T2)

Kat C. (T2)

Key Missions Ops Team Leaders  – Tier 001 (NEW) /  Tier 002

  1. SUMMIT          
  2. SIERRA            
  3. CASCADE  
  5. CYBERIA (CLONE)                         


  4. MIHIR
  5. TITAN


TIER 001

TIER 002

SuperCom SysOps (CLUSTER - BUSTER) v.Q2 Δ’’

[T0002 TITAN SUB-SYSTEMS “ERROR”CORRECTED] Lukas R. Completes Mission


SSSE evolves through developer shared resource programming group cloud filter crypto hierarchies

Constant Financial Security Updates

No access keys or logon required. All data driven reverse encrypted authentication codes unlock

Totally AI Machine Leaner Driven

Boasting SSSE Worldwide Access to the Top Ten Supercomputers -  via ‘MineSpace’ (MS)


Supercomputer Plug n’ Play

 GIG Search and Subvert Data CentriX

SubCon Support Apps (T1, T2, ...)